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Updated: May 15, 2022

Perspective. Indeed, we all have one. You know, the way we see things, our ideas, beliefs. Formed throughout our life by our families, education, who we hang out with, the culture etc.

For the last several years we've been woken up as a society to needing to see things differently and from new perspective.

Personally I've been "waking up" for the better part of 40 years. Waking up to who I really am, the beauty of others and how it is for them, what life is, and that there is love in the midst of it all.

As an Artist, I deal in the currency of perspective. I create from the place that is me. How and what I see, feel, experience the world. I take to the studio to express the truth of me.

There's nothing particularly intentional about it, nothing fancy, just the simple act of showing up and this inner mandate I was born with that said "you must create".

That's the thing about Artists, we've all got it. This mandate.

At times, even thickly and painfully stuck with it.

This piece, portal vision passage through, is a 3-D Encaustic painting that feels a bit like a sculpture. Three sides of the canvas box are also covered in encaustic and it hangs from 4 different ways, so there are 4 different perspectives.

I started portal vision passage through in 2018. It took me a year to complete. Now it really feels like a piece for our times. A reminder to keep turning the painting of your life to hang from different angles, so you can see yourself and others in new, engaging ways, from a new perspective.

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