I am pulled into an inner world of shapes, colors, impressions, childhood memories and feelings.

Random words will arise in my conscious mind- chalice... orb... bunnies...stones for example. An invitation to draw them. I’m persuaded to paint something that is coming from my experience of all of this going on moment by moment. There is awareness of a backdrop of something very ancient and primitive: Cave paintings, the Japanese aesthetic Wabi Sabi (an intuitive and visual communication of impermanence, emptiness and suffering,) as well as my own fundamental innocence.

This aggregate of internality, is the very expression of the truth of my being coming to the foreground.

I am this expression; that which is being created from me, and my essential self, are one in the same.


“We gain our freedom when we realize our most true nature.

The man who is an artist gains his artistic freedom when he discovers the true ideal of art.  

- Rabindranath Tagore 


The true ideal of my art, is in expressing the truth

of my nature. 

It is the most radical thing I can do, and is an act of revolution and of love. 

Cynthia Spillman is an Aptos, Ca. based painter.