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New Year, New Moon and Me

new moon minor key, 2021 24x18 encaustic, oils and paper towel

I feel excited for 2022. I get a little sparkle when I see that number.

It looks good on paper. It says, "3 two's and 1 zero- lots of even-ness in store." No more galloping down the road on a wild stallion. We're going to take this one slow and steady. The zero thrown in symbolically to remind us anything is possible; pregnant yet empty.

The New Moon is rising in 14 hours and 20 min. With the new moon, you get a do-over.

(How many of us couldn't use a do-over now and then?) The new moon represents new beginnings. Time to plant seeds, start something that you want to grow. At the same time, we are closing the door on the old cycle. New Moon vibes are: I'm dark and mysterious and you better look inside to see how things are going cuz you've got a chance to bring something else to light. The new moon is the 0 in 2022. Charged with hope and possibility.

A friend of mine believes that whatever we do on the first day of the new year, is something that will carry over all year long. I don't believe that at all. In fact, I don't often dabble in the currency of belief. I like things of the experiential nature. I've been around a few new moon cycles, and I've planted a lot of seeds. I've seen them grow. I'm a Farmer's Almanac kind of girl. I also like going deep into the soil of my being.

This new year/new moon strikes a distinctive chord to me. It's a minor key through and through. It evokes a feeling, a sensibility that resonates with my own personal harmonics.

This painting, new moon minor key was finished a few months ago. As I see it now, it portended a perfect visual representation for me of the year 2022 and it's arrival at the new moon.

According to my astrology chart this month "The new moon will empower you to become a money magnet! " Excellent. This painting is for sale : ))

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