koi comes

koi comes


Encaustic, dry wall net on cradled wood panel

  • Caring for your piece

    This is a one of a kind Encaustic painting, made from Beeswax and Damar resin. It is durable and archival. Encaustic paintings are impervious to moisture and will not yellow or darken. Even so, they should be handled with care to avoid scratching and to protect the edges. Keep them out of direct sun or extreme temperatures. They do best in stable 40-125F temps. 

    If you occasionally buff the piece with a soft cloth, it will bring out the radiance, shine and lustre that Encaustics are known for. 

  • About

    On many of my pieces I have intentionally left drips or marks on the side of the frame, which bring life and an added dimension to the work. 

    Also, several of them can be turned in order to be hung from different sides. You may find you have two or three paintings in one!